Sunday, December 10, 2006


A close friend of mine executive produced a great movie called An Inconvenient Truth

Its a very interesting and incredibly well produced and directed view about our environment.

While watching it, it started to dawn on me that there is another change in the environment going on. I think this movie not only speaks about humans and our environment. But what it is to be a human.

While I do agree that we are affecting the environment on earth for living species like us, I also believe that this movie is also tapping into a subterranean (pun intended) dynamic about us as humans.

And that trend is that because of the rise of technologies that create the virtual that we are losing touch with our previous very physically bound roots. I think this a background fear that as a society we will actively debate and discuss in the next 5 to 10 years.

Because of our highly genetically programmed will to survive, our "sensors" are picking up that we are losing touch with the physical. This movie activates that background, subconscious concern of ours and uses it to highlight the main discussion points in the movie. This is a very effective byproduct of the production and directing for the movie.

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