Saturday, November 18, 2006

Messaging: Part II Community Around Communication

In Part I, I talked about the nature of our symbolic communication. And the origins of our messaging. Well, there is also a set of communication that imparts feedback and context to a communication and to a conversation.

This set of communication is the sense that others are involved with us in real time in the communication. Some startups are addressing this opportunity through embeddable widgets. That's probably why MyBlogLog is rumored to be in talks with Yahoo to be acquired.

Right now, the web and blogs and social media feel somewhat asynchronous. There's real opportunity on making the experience a shared social experience. Right now, most blog/social media experiences for users, just like you reading this right now, give the user a somewhat alone experience.

In our effort to expand out of connected aloneness, its important to do that. The current experience is like going to a concert or sporting event and watching the stage but looking at it through a straw with barriers that shut out the other audience. You know there's other people around but you can't sense them.

Take a look at this recent video. Which is quite funny! And notice the effect of the "laughtrack" on its effect on your experience.


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